September 16th, 2006 (Saturday) @ 4:30pm


Ryan and I have chosen a church over in Green Hills to exchange our vows. I had visited the church with my mom a few months ago and instantly fell in love. It's a quaint church with elegance and intimacy. It’s a perfect fit for our personalities and the feel of our wedding.

We choose an old convent ballroom just down the street from Hillsboro Village to host our reception. About a year ago I had attended a reception there and thought it was an attractive hall with lots of character. My favorite features of the ballroom are the arched windows and the hardwood flooring.

Bridal Party...

Maid Of Honor:
Best Man:
Emily Anderson
Eric Wilson
Lisa Longley
Andrew Good
Rikki Rayborn
Aaron Yung
Kristen Richardson
Matthew Yung

Tim Rayborn - we are truly excited about having Ryans father be a part of our wedding and lead us into marriage.

Friendly Involvement:
Our wedding is coming together nicely, but not without the help of our friends:

Sarah Rose and Lauren for the creation of wedding invitations and programs.
Matt Mosley for ceremony music.
Cal Dykes for reception entertainment.